My Calling

My calling is ultimately to Jesus, to follow him wherever he leads me, to live a life of love in relationship with him, to be his witness everywhere I go. My calling is to live generously with what God has given me – I am blessed to be a blessing. Within that context, I believe my long-term calling is to work with children at risk. My heart has always been for children and, looking back, I can see how God has given me experiences to equip me for long-term mission abroad as well as to work with children. My dream is of creating a safe place for children, particularly those children who are alone and have nowhere to go – a refuge and a home, somewhere they can just be children and can encounter the restoration and healing of the God who loves them. More than that, I dream this place will launch these children into living their own dreams and the plans God has for them.

Welcome to the blog. I invite you to journey with me.